18/03/2022 Permit B Nordschleife

I'm extremely proud to announce that last Friday, I've got my DMSB Permit B, that allows me to race on the Nordschleife
in the NLS championship!

My first day on the "Green Hell" went well. We started with Class time, than some laps behind the Nurburgring Academy's Instructor in order to learn the long 24km of the track. At the end we did practice with some specifics rules that are used only on the Nordschleife.

After that I drove some normal practice laps, getting up to speed, gaining track knowledge and experience and discovering the Volkswagen Scirocco R. This track is really mindblowing, now I fully understand his reputation but it's just so fun and amazing to drive on it, that I couldn't stop smiling under my helmet.

This week I will race in the first round of the championship the "67th ADAC Westfalenfahrt" and I'm really looking forward to do my race debut on the Nordschleife. NLS #1 we're waiting for you!

Thanks to my Partners, my team Mathilda racing and my Family
as always!!

Benjamin Cartery