Nordschleife Endurance championship: VLN

Benjamin Cartery is now facing his first season on the Nordschleife in 2022, participating to the VLN, German Nordschleife Championship with Endurance races, at the wheel of a Volkswagen Scirocco R, made available by the Mathilda Racing team. Thanks to the precious help of Michael Paatz. Benjamin will have Timo Beuth as a team-mates during the 2022 season. "I feel like to live a dream, I can't wait to start the championship and get my first laps around the green hell !" Benjamin commented to Cologne at the headquarters of the Mathilda Racing team.


46. NIMEX DMV 4h-Rennen / NLS 2:

Superb way to end the season for Benjamin at the NLS 2 initially planned for April but postponed due to snow. Once again at the wheel for the start of the race, Benjamin manages to climb onto the provisional podium before handing the car over to his teammate Timo, who will manage thanks to a faultless performance to cross the line in 3rd position. This will give to the crew of the Scirocco n°498 their third podium of the season. This result also means that the Franco-German duo ends this 2022 campaign in third position in the VT2-FWD category! "Nothing to complain about the race, everything went very well overall. I am satisfied with my performance because I was able to get a little closer to the leaders and thanks to the great work of the team and Timo we finish once again on the podium! I am especially very proud to finish 3rd in the championship! Never at the beginning of the year I would have thought I could get 3 trophies and finish on the podium in the championship standing. I am extremely proud and I must thank the entire team for supporting me in my progress throughout the year. The sister car wins the championship so a big congratulations to everyone and see you next year"




PADIG Racing 46. DMV Münsterlandpokal / NLS 8:

Another podium for Benjamin during the penultimate round of the VLN 2022 championship. A confirmation weekend for the Franco-German duo, who is once again asserting as serious contender for the podium in every single race. The start of the race was done by Benjamin, who drove a double stint, which means two and a half hours of effort with the aim of competing for a place on the podium. He moved up to 2nd place from 4th position and managed to build a comfortable gap with the cars behind. His teammate Timo took the wheel for the end of the race, having an excellent race pace. The crew of Scirocco n°498 ultimatly lost second position because of a better strategy of their competitor. "It's a great result! I'm very satisfied with my first part of the race, Timo also did a great job but our opponents, in addition to being fast, had a better strategy and overtook us during our last pit stop. I'm sure we will get our revenge! We are now systematically fighting for the podium and it's nice to see that my learning in this championship is reflected on the results. I must thank the whole team, my team-mate Timo for trusting me, as well as my engineer for their excellent work. Congratulations to the sister car who won the race, which means that both team cars finished on the podium! Very nice team result which encourages us to push even more for the last round in two weeks! "


54.ZEWOTHERM ADAC Barbarossapreis/NLS 7:

Back to the traditional racing format for the NLS7 with 4 hours of racing on the program and great ambitions following the excellent result of the previous race. Once again, changing weather disturbed the race and in particular the race start. Benjamin behind the wheel chose to start in slicks tire despite a soaked track, because the sun shone above the circuit. A strategic choice that paid off given that his other competitors on rain tires had to stop earlier than him, allowing him to recover 8 positions and fight for the podium. Unfortunately, after 2 hours of racing, the Scirocco 498 had a mechanical problem, forcing the crew to pit for repairs which cost them 15 minutes. Once he left, the young Frenchman had to face difficult conditions as the rain soeked the circuit and the conditions were constantly changing. The duo finished this race in 8th position. A positive result because they scored valuable points for the championship. "Mixed feelings, I'm happy because I had a good pace in difficult conditions, when I had no experience! Obviously a little bit disappointed to loose a potential podium on a mechanical problem but our mechanics did a remarkable job to allow us to restart and finish the race. We were able to score points and that's the most important! Next race in 2 weeks with a very clear objective which is to aim for the podium!"



12 Stunden Nürburgring / NLS 6:

Great new in the main event of this season, the first edition of the 12 Hours on the Nordschleife was synonymous of success for Benjamin! Indeed, after 12 hours of intense action on the 24 kilometers track, the Franco-German crew finished Second in the longest and most complicated race of the season. The first part of the race was very demanding due to the changeable and tricky weather conditions with numerous storms but also clearings which meant that the track conditions were constantly changing and the choice of rain tires was therefore essential. After a successful start from the young Frenchman who went from fifth to second, the crew of the 498 Scirocco were able to went through all the traps of the "Green Hell" and survive by having a very good racing rhythm and a perfectly executed strategy. "We did it! My first podium on the most difficult track in the world, in the most competitive championship and in the most demanding race of the season. "I'm truly lost for words but I would like to thank from my heart the whole Mathilda Racing team for all the work done this weekend and throughout the season as well as Jan and Timo, my team mates. It's a great result and we will continue in this direction for the last 3 races! Realizing the dream of getting a VLN podium on my father's 50th birthday was very emotional, so let me dedicate this second place to him and thank him for everything he does for me. Next goal is to win again!

ROWE 6 Stunden ADAC Ruhr-Pokal / NLS 5:

A very eventful 6-hour race for the Scirocco 498. Benjamin and Timo welcomed Timo Hochwind and Felix Schumann, in normal times drivers of the other Volkswagen Scirocco of the Mathilda Racing team, thas has been victim of an accident 2 weeks earlier in the race, the objective was to score big points to stay in the title to fight. Following a good qualifying, the start was turbulent, a driver unfortunately lost control over a puddle of oil and violently hit the rear of the blue Scirocco forcing an early pit stop to repair the damage. After climbing from last position to fourth place, the crew was unfortunately forced to retire only 20 minutes from the end of the race due to mechanical failure. Benjamin:"The race was not easy, we fought until the end, but we had to retire the car due to a mechanical failure because of the contact suffered at the start of the race. It's part of the game and we have to accept it, but we can be proud because we've never give up. We'll try to have a good race in September at the Nürburgring 12 Hours!"



67th ADAC Westfalenfahrt / NLS 1: 

First racing experience on the Nordschleife in the mythical NLS championship for Benjamin during the 67th ADAC Westfalenfahrt. A pretty much successful introduction to the "green hell" for Benjamin thanks to the precious help of the Mathilda Racing team and his teammate Timo Beuth who accompanied him in the process of discovering the Volkswagen Scirocco R. Good race with a good rhythm and an aggressive strategy to overcome some engine problems which forced the duo to finish 6th in this first race. "I'm very happy with my first weekend in the NLS, the pace in the race was good and the feeling in the car too. We suffer some engine problem with power issue and therefore lack of top speed but everything else is very encouraging and I'm sure we'll be fighting for the podium in the next race!"


2022 VLN with Mathilda Racing !

For this year, Benjamin will be joining Mathilda Racing to race the full season in the VLN on the Nordschleife aboard the Volkswagen Scirocco R alongside Timo Beuth. He will have the chance to race with a professional team and with an experienced team mate in order to learn in a good way and gets good results. The Championship is composed by 8 races, 6 of which are 4 hours long, one is 6 hours long and one is 12 hours long. "I would like to thanks Michael Paatz, the team owner for the opportunity and for his trust. Racing on the Nordschleife is something every racing driver dreams of and I literally can’t wait for the season to kick-off in March ! This year will be a massive challenge for me as the Nordschleife is the most difficult race track in the world and with more than 100 cars on the starting grid it’s going to be something really new for me. We know that we have a strong package so now we just have to send it and enjoy !"



October 2021: 
NES 500 Nurburgring

End clap for the German Endurance championship on the Nurburgring circuit in the Eifel massif for the 6th round. A race with 66 cars on track where it was difficult to have a lap without traffic and where qualification as well as the race management would play a fundamental role. An excellent pace and a superb strategy allowed the Franco-German duo to take the lead in the race after starting from 5th on the grid. Unfortunately many long periods of Safety Car have benefits their opponents meaning that the Seat Cupra TCR crew will therefore end where the season strated 7 months earlier, on the second step of the podium! Following this result, Benjamin and Christian have been crowned German Vice-Champions of endurance 2021! "It's an amazing result, for my first season in this category and in this championship finishing runner-up and first in the TCR DSG is a great accomplishment. I would like to thanks my teammate Christian and the whole team for this opportunity and for all their hard work and the good time spendt together. A huge thank you to my partners who have accompanied me once again in this step of my career and to my family who allow me to live my dream. I can't wait to see what 2022 holds for me !"

September 2021:
NES 500 Lausitzring

Intense weekend at the Lausitzring with the 4th and 5th round regrouped following the cancellation in August of the Nurburgring round, due to the heavy flooding which occurred in the region of the circuit.
The first race ended with a retirement due to an engine problem. Debris from a car got stuck in the engine ventilation system, which caused overheating, unfortunately this forced the Franco-German duo to withdraw.
The second race on Sunday went better with a 4th position at the finish.
The duo leave the Brandenburg region in second position in the championship. "We were unlucky this weekend, the mechanics did a incredible job to get us the start on Sunday and we were able to score some valuable points! We are now second in the championship, the last round at the Nurburgring approach. We will fight until the end the checkered flag to win this championship! Thank you to all my partners for their immeasurable support".





June 2021:                             
NES 500 Assen

An incredible race for the third round of the NES 500 championship on the Assen circuit. A special weekend over two days only because of coronavirus restrictions. During free practice on Friday morning Benjamin suffer from an engine issue which unfortunately forced the team to change the entire engine, they were therefore unable to take part in the qualifying session. The mechanics did a faultless job getting everything together during the night, the Franco-German crew was able to start from last position with almost no practice sessions. Benjamin was at the wheel for the start of the race in order to gain as much position as possible and he succeeded by passing more than 21 cars in 45 minutes before handing over to Christian, who continued to move up through the fields to finish after 3 hours of fierce battle in 2nd place!! "An unexpected result considered the situation but luck was on our side today and we are leaving the Netherlands as championship leader for only one point so we will have to fight at the Nürburgring at the end of July. A big thank you to all of my partners and the team who did a great job to get us on the podium."

May 2021:
NES 500 Oschersleben

Victory at the second round of the NES 500 championship on the Oschersleben track is over  for Benjamin and his teammate Christian Ladurner after a race full of rebounds ! Starting from 6th on the grid, the Franco-German duo managed, after 3 hours of fierce battle, to climb on the top step of the podium, thanks to a completely different strategy and a superb pace, despite difficult condition due to the hot day and a very tricky/dusty track. With these results they regain the championship lead! Redemption day for Hockenheim, now the desire is to perform even better in Assen next month. A huge congratulations to the whole Greenlion Motorsport crew for their impeccable work and a big thanks to all the Sponsors and Partners for their support, hoping that this victory will be the start of a long series.



March 2020:
NES 500 Hockenheimering

The first race of the NES 500 championship at the Hockenheimering is over. Although it was the first time for Benjamin driving the Greenlion Motorsport, Seat Cupra TCR on the famous German Formula 1 circuit, the week-end went well. A great race pace allows Benjamin and his teammate Christian Ladurner to take the lead for more than 50 minutes, only in the last lap of the race they lost the first position, closing the race with a good Second place. A very positive result with the belief that they will be able to do even better at Oschersleben next month. A big thanks to the whole team for the perfect job  throughout the week-end and to all the partners for their precious help.

2021 NES 500
with Greenlion Motorsport !

Benjamin will be at the start of the 2021 NES 500 Greenlion Motorsport team driving a Seat Cupra TCR alongside Christian Ladurner. A new challenge for Benjamin who will compete for the first on a front-wheel drive TCR car but will benefit from the experience of his team-mate Christian. The season will kicks of at Hockenheimering on the 28th of March !
pilota Benjamin cartery
  • Very Young 
  • Raised on the Kart
  • Multilingual
  • Fia Silver categorisation
  • Greenlion Motorsport Official Driver 
  • Championships Winner

2020: Endurance and Sprint Races in NES500 


September 2020:
P9 Challenge Brno

For the first time at the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic all the efforts of Benjamin, Franz and HP Racing International Team have paid off. Benjamin closes the week in Brno with two podiums:
  • 2nd place on Saturday's podium in the Endurance race with his teammate Mister Dziwok.
  • 1st place on Sunday's podium in the Sprint race, after a splendid qualifying in the rain.
"A challenging but also fun circuit, on the track I had to fight to get to the podium, trying especially in the Endurance race to manage tire wear as best as possible."
Benjamin comments satisfied his results.

July 2020:
Nes500 Lausitzring 

It has been a great experience for Benjamin, his first Endurance Race on a new car and a new track, closing the race in P8 with 46 cars on the circuit. "Thank you very much to HP Racing International Team for their great Job, to Hari Proczyk for all his precious coaching and of course to my Team Mate Mister Franz Dziwok, without his support I couldn't be there." Says Benjamin after the race.

Others GT4 Experiences

June 2020:
GT Licence with NOVA RACE

It is with the NOVA RACE Team that Benjamin Cartery had his C Senior License, to race in GT Championship. "It is always great to drive this car, let me say thank you to the Team Nova Race with Nicola Sinigaglia and of course Mister Luca Magnoni, I also had a special instructor Christian Pesactori, they made my tests unforgettable" . Now Benjamin is officially ready for a GT4 Championship.

February 2020:
GT4 Test Vallelunga Circuit

A new Test on Mercedes AMG GT4 for Benjamin Cartery  always with the Team NOVARACE, it is important training as often as possible: "It is always great to be on the track, I knew already Vallelunga, I feel better with the car test by test." Waiting for the start of the 2020 season, Benjamin doesn't loose time to get prepared and trained, doing a very fast lap of the track.

November 2019:
Barcellona Mercedes AMG Track Day

In anticipation of the 2020 season, Benjamin Cartery tests on the Barcelona Circuit with the Mercedes AMG GT4 of NOVARACE. Thanks to the suggestions of his Manager and Coach Matteo Cressoni, he manages to bring out a wonderful time, worthy of much more experienced Drivers, despite being his first time on the circuit. "Incredible experience on a Formula 1 circuit, Matteo's advices has been fundamental, lap after lap they made me improve the time, I hope to return soon but for a race!" comments Benjamin after the day on the track.