Do you want to get closer to the world of the Motorsport, but you do not have any experience?

Benjamin is at your disposition to give you all the suggestions you need.

GT Race

Benjamin can also support Drivers engaged in Sprint and Endurance Races, thanks to his experience he will be able to give you suggestions on how to manage race starts, race craft, traffic on the track, tire wear, driver change in order to get the best result at the end of your race week.

GT Track day

Do you want to learn how to drive your sports car on a real circuit, but have no racing or track test experience? Benjamin is at your disposal to spend days on track together, giving you tips on trajectories, braking points, corner insertions and the behavior to keep on the track in the middle of other cars, improving your driving skills kilometer after kilometer. After each test Benjamin will put at your disposal a real technical report on the track day with the analysis of your progress and the gaps to improve.



Has chosen Benjamin as Coach!


Switching to a single-seater is an important moment in the career of a driver, Benjamin can help you thanks to his experience. It will assist you with telemetry reading, Race Craft, study of trajectories, management of tire wear, brakes and cornering speed. Benjamin also follows his drivers off the track, sending a report after each test or race highlighting the driver's improvements and the points that needs to be improved.

Carlo Tamburini chose Benjamin, in his first Formula  race on the Varano De Melegari track. A more than successful start, by following Benjamin's advice he managed to conquer the Pole Position and although it was the first time for him on a wet track, he managed to finish twice in second position against 18 more experienced competitors.



"Thanks to Benjamin's advice and data analysis, I was able to improve my driving skills and progress during the race weekend. I'm happy to be able to finish on the podium twice despite the difficult conditions and I want to thank him for his advice."

Carlo Tamburini 

Your child want to start Karting?

Olindo Biasion at just 5 years old, he has already did several days of Kart Test, carefully following Benjamin's suggestions, acquiring the driving basics of a racing Kart and improving his times.

" Benjamin exudes a great professionalism a great maturity for his very young age he was able to captivate the attention of my son at 5 1/2 years old who still only wants to go karting with his side. I recommand him to every dads......"

Mathieu Biasion

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